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The Co-Leader of the Thrill Seekers by DancingNomadDevil The Co-Leader of the Thrill Seekers :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 7 4 ShioHieiGraci Aesthetic by DancingNomadDevil ShioHieiGraci Aesthetic :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 5 2 Hiei and Blue by DancingNomadDevil Hiei and Blue :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 3 14 Shunpuu Aesthetic by DancingNomadDevil Shunpuu Aesthetic :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 3 0 Natsuno Aesthetic by DancingNomadDevil Natsuno Aesthetic :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 3 0 Fuyuse Aesthetic by DancingNomadDevil Fuyuse Aesthetic :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 4 2 Akimi Aesthetic by DancingNomadDevil Akimi Aesthetic :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 3 0 Cricket and Hiei by DancingNomadDevil Cricket and Hiei :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 5 4 Sweet Colorful Gracia Collage by DancingNomadDevil Sweet Colorful Gracia Collage :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 5 1 Enko and Fubuki by DancingNomadDevil Enko and Fubuki :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 11 7 Dirty Demoness Wallpaper by DancingNomadDevil Dirty Demoness Wallpaper :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 7 1 Red Hot Hellraiser Wallpaper by DancingNomadDevil Red Hot Hellraiser Wallpaper :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 6 0 Icy Diva Wallpaper by DancingNomadDevil Icy Diva Wallpaper :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 6 0 The HBIC Wallpaper by DancingNomadDevil The HBIC Wallpaper :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 6 0 She's a P U N K by DancingNomadDevil She's a P U N K :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 6 5 Four Seasonal Queens by DancingNomadDevil Four Seasonal Queens :icondancingnomaddevil:DancingNomadDevil 16 21



The Co-Leader of the Thrill Seekers
Another OC? Another OC. Her name is Marika, pretty much Fubuki's bff and co-leader of her biker gang. ;)

I do have her model and bio, but I haven't released it yet. ;)


Hi guys, I'm going to start doing xnalara commissions to help my family since money is tight on us.

What I will do:

Romance/ecchi stuff (latter will be in my because not risking getting my account nuked)
Fights (not exactly scenes, but 1 on 1)

Will not do:
Animal abuse
Guro/sexual gore

Please note me and we can negotiate a price via PayPal mayhaps. ^^

Thank you~~~
Hiei and Blue
Apologizes for the odd looking light in the photo, I had to get in HD quality and it showed up.

But I ordered this for my collection. Took me a while, too! Ordered it along with Hiei this month! I think it's safe to say Blue and Hiei get along well. :giggle:
1. What is my main fandom as of now?

A: YuYu Hakusho.

2. Which anime character of my husband?

A: All four members of Team Urameshi.

3. Which anime character do 1 hate?

A: Fucking. Sunako. Nakahara.

4. What is your favorite female anime character?

A: Honestly, Asagi Igawa.

5. Which anime should I start watching?

A: Hell Knight Ingrid.

6. What is my favorite anime genre?

A: Action/supernatural/horror/hentai.

7. What is my favorite magical girl anime?

A: None of them right now.

8. What is my favorite reverse harem anime?

A: None of them.

9. What anime song do I love?

A: The YYH English ending and opening songs.

10. Who's my favorite seiyuu?

A: The US VAs of Team Urameshi, Lex Lang, Sandy Fox, etc...but seiyuu? Mika Sakenobe, Rumiko Varnes, Satomi Sato, Ai Nonaka, Akemi Sato...etc



United States
Read Before Watching Me

I do NOT do requests. I'm sorry, but while gift stuff is for my friends ONLY, I refuse to do requests due to people hassling me and not being satisfied with what they had when I worked hard on it.
I REFUSE to do anything related to lolicon/shotacon/toddlercon/babycon/child porn. I am heavily uncomfortable with this and it does NOT help I had a former friend of mine try to pressure me into doing this stuff to cater to his sick, twisted fetishes and he was a body-shaming SJW who believed all girls with huge breasts and huge butts were "eeeeeeevil STD ridden skanks" (his exact words, not mine). And he was also okay with shota/loli/toddler/baby stuff. I'm not joking. So yeah, no cartoon kiddy porn from me at all. And please don't give me the whole "BUT IT'S FICTIONAL SO IT'S OK" excuse. Fun fact: In some states, you can get arrested for having it and in some countries, you can get executed for it. Learn something new every day.
"But what about NSFW stuff?" I will only post that in my because I am NOT risking getting banned. So any xnalara pinups that are NSFW will only be in my stash.
I do not make anything solely for pageviews, I make my stuff because I enjoy it and it gives me motivation.
Yes, I love my fave characters enough to put them through hell. Deal with it.
I am not shy with expressing my opinions on things/characters/shows/etc I like or dislike. Please respect my opinions and do not try to force me to change them.
I have a life like everyone else, please understand I am not a robot destined to cater to your every whim.
Yes, all characters in my xnalara models are 18+. <3


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Hi, I'm very best to you again, I hope you approve! :hug: x 100!

Shiori and Hiei: With This Ring...
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Mother of Grace
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I have question. How come in the bios for your OCs, you leave the weight as "the character won't tell" or  quips similar to that phrase? I'm just curious as to why, is all. :)
DancingNomadDevil Featured By Owner May 24, 2017
Ah, most of the time, they don't like being asked about their weight (no, they're not fat), and some of them get short-tempered over it.
MichaelJordy Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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